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Top 10 Games to play at a Kids Birthday Party 2019 The main goal of any birthday party is to celebrate the honoree’s special day, but important events are much more enjoyable with an assortment of engaging games.  As well as being loads of fun they are very stimulating and give the guests an opportunity [...]

The Different Types of Clowns

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The Different Types of Clowns Did you know that there is more than one type of clown? The name clown gets thrown around a bunch in our everyday lives, but when people hear the word clown not many people could tell you the difference between Clowns, yet we see them all the time [...]

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Welcome to Hollywood!

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Hollywood Balloon Columns Picture this for a moment... There are so many people talking at once that the voices all meld together in a melody of inaudible chatter. From the moment the sole of your shoes kisses the pavement all eyes are on you. The Flash of cameras lights the dim evening sky as you [...]

TriXtan’s Hidden Treasure

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It was a cold, grey, and rainy April morning for some, but for the neighborhood of New Brighton, Calgary, it was a morning of laughs, racing, and treasure hunting. On April second TriXtan Entertainment hosted a pirate themed treasure hunt, and though we did not get "pirate weather" for the event, we were thrilled to [...]

Who are we?

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Who are we? Let us introduce you to the humble little empire that we call TriXtan. TriXtan Entertainment Inc. is a multi-faceted entertainment company, serving residents and businesses throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Whether you’re planning a prestigious corporate event or a modest little gathering of good friends and close family, TriXtan [...]

Stop Motion Balloon Mario!

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Pixel Art - Stop Motion Balloon Mario About 6 months ago I started launching a new project called 'Pixel Art Balloon Walls', it started because I wanted to build artwork that was in line with something I had an interest in.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE entertaining as well as the challenge of building sculptress [...]

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TriXtan’s Triple Triad Business Card Game

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Introduction TriXtan's Triple Triad (or TTT) is a Card Game that is played with any TriXtan Entertainment business card - These cards can be obtained at any TriXtan Entertainment event, from any of our Entertainers or Staff.  This tutorial is broken down into a few different parts, the rules on this page are for standard play, but there [...]

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Balloon Decor at the Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

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A few months ago we were contacted to help out with a fundraiser for the children's hospital. There are a few charities we like to help out each year and The Children's Hospital just so happens to be one of them. The scope of the job started out pretty normal, just a few arches and [...]

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Welcome To TriXtan Entertainment!

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Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tristan Court and I have been an entertainer in Calgary Alberta for over 11 years now.  I started out performing magic when I was in high school where it was just a hobby at the time, I had no idea my life was going to [...]

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