Kids Magic Show and balloons to go home with!

Celebrate your child’s special day with our Ton of Fun Birthday Package, a delightful combination of enchanting entertainment and creative balloon art. The 45-minute Kids Magic Show is a laughter-filled spectacle, drawing kids into a world of wonder and participation. The birthday child gets a starring role, becoming the magician and creating magical moments with friends. Following the magic, the excitement continues as every child receives a personalized balloon creation. From favorite animals to beloved characters, the kids choose their balloon masterpiece, adding a touch of creativity to the celebration. This interactive and engaging package ensures that each child leaves with a unique balloon creation, creating lasting memories. Plus, our Ton of Fun Package offers exceptional savings, making it the perfect choice for a magical and budget-friendly birthday celebration. Let the enchantment unfold, and make your child’s birthday a Ton of Fun!

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you for coming, I know the adults were just as entertained watching your show as the children were! You will definitely hear from me again!

Christy Summers, Residential Birthday Party

Tristan managed to engage the children very well and when you can keep 17 kids quiet and interested you know you are doing well!

Mike Jackson, Birthday Party Client

You had all the children laughing so hard they were on the floor rolling, us parents were laughing uncontrollable about how the children were laughing! What made it even funnier was seeing the serious look on your face! Amazing performance, I’ll definitely be recommending you to all the parents we know!

Julie Song, Residential Birthday Party

All the kids said it was an “Epic Party” and the adults were laughing non-stop too. THANK YOU!!

Jenny, Children's Birthday Party

…if you’re looking for something different for your party, this guy delivers.

Christina Rowsell, Lite 95.9 talk show host

Thank you so much for a wonderful show! You made the kids so happy! Thank you for keeping them entertained and very much engaged with your magic tricks and balloon show. I liked how you did it in a very age-appropriate way… and at the same time it was fun for adults too! The parents/adults were so pleased and impressed!

Thank you for making my son’s birthday memorable for everyone.

Elke Rojo, Your Content Goes Here

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