Roving Entertainment

Mix and Mingle with our Roving Entertainers!

Roving Entertainers are the basis for all types of events, they are able to break the ice, add ambiance, and get your guests warmed up and ready for the party!

Great for atmospheric-style events where people are walking about your event while our rovers are interacting and entertaining to fully immerse your guests in the theme of your event!

Our Roving entertainers are booked on an hourly basis for as long as you would like the entertainment going for.

Way better than last year. Very accommodating and a great selection of props. I actually had to personally shut it down and cut the line off!

Iain Kenny, MNP LLP - Investigative and Forensic Services

Thanks for coming to our event, you guys helped make it a hit!

Brian Ramcoomar, Scotia Bank

They left our town with such a great memory, we really adore them! If I have anything to do with it, I will sure hire them again next year, what a great company you have!

James Miles, Death Race - Grande Cashe

Acrobatic Rovers

A beautiful display of strength and balance!

Our acrobats will roam around your event mingling with your guests all while performing feats of strength, Flexibility, precision balances, and high tosses which will elevate your event to new heights!  Our acrobatics perform in Duos, Trios, or teams of 4 or more, which would add different possibilities for high-end skills as well as a bigger impact with more performers at your event!
Roving Acrobatic Group
mime character

Character Actors

Impersonators, Super Heros, and all types of Actors!

Looking to add just a touch of magic and wonder to your event? Look no further than the Roving Character Actors! Whether it’s the Paparazzi to photograph your guests walking down the red carpet, a couple of Tacky Tourists to get a laugh with their wacky antics or even a couple of our Elves down from Santa’s workshop straight to you, we’ve got a little something for everyone! With character actors to fit almost any theme, they can add just that little extra something to make your event feel a bit more magical.

Roving Jugglers

Add a touch of circus with Jugglers!

Jugglers can add that flourish to your event with their comedy acts and high skills while interacting with your guests.  Dressed in a manner that matches the theme of your event, jugglers can walk around the venue interacting with your guests, and maybe even teach them how to Juggle or perform under the spotlight on the big stage!  Be prepared for laughter and awe as they perform their amazing feats.
Living statues

Living Statues

Living Statues, Living Mannequins, and Globe Statues

A Living Statue can add a touch of elegance and excitement to any event! Living, breathing decor will keep your guests guessing if they’re real or not. With artistic paint and beautifully designed costumes, our living statues are a wonderful photo opportunity and a fantastic surprise for the guests attending your event. Whether standing on a podium, in a fountain or as the centerpiece in a giant snow globe, they definitely add a touch of class and a lot of amazement to anywhere they’re found.

Prop Manipulator Artists

Technical, highly skilled and exciting!

Prop Manipulators can add that flourish to your event by performing mesmerizing skill acts for your guests to watch while dressed in themed attire to match your event.

Prop Spinners
Close-up Magicians

Close-up Roving Magicians

Astonishing magic right before your eyes!

Not just for the big stage, our magicians can roam around your event to interact with your guests and perform magic right in the palms of their hands! Magicians can make a big impact in a small space, keeping guests laughing and gasping as the magic happens up close and right in front of their eyes.  This is a great way to break the ice or to get your guests excited for the evening’s events, perhaps even a grand illusion show!

Stilt Walkers

Look up, way up at these Stilt Walkers!

You won’t want to miss this! Stilt walkers are great to have at big events to entertain large amounts of people all at once!  Being fantastic photo opportunities, these larger-than-life entertainers with their elaborate costumes will be something that people are sure to remember! With their interactive and engaging style, stilt walkers make a big splash with crowds young and old.  We have a very wide variety of costumes to match almost any event theme and style.
Stilt Walkers