Top 10 Games to play at a Kids Birthday Party 2019

The main goal of any birthday party is to celebrate the honoree’s special day, but important events are much more enjoyable with an assortment of engaging games.  As well as being loads of fun they are very stimulating and give the guests an opportunity to show their skills to their peers. Below is a list of 10 inexpensive and easy party games sure to please adults and kids alike.

1) Classic Games

If you’re looking for some memorable throw-back games these all promote stimulation, teamwork, and are very inexpensive.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  2. Hide & Seek
  3. Treasure Hunt
  4. Simon Says
  5. Duck Duck Goose
  6. 3-Legged Race
  7. Wheelbarrow Race

2) Pass The Parcel

This is another traditional game that can be played by kids of all ages. Wrap a gift in as many layers of paper as there are guests at the party (be sure to make each layer a different color). Seal each layer so that the children can easily remove the paper without tearing the layers beneath. To make it more interesting, add a small prize in each layer (by doing this every child receives a prize – sometimes this can be done in lieu of gift bags). Have the children sit in a circle, start the music and pass the present to the birthday girl/boy so they can begin passing it around the circle. When the music stops the child left holding the package will unwrap the layer, retrieve the prize if applicable, and then pass it on once the music begins again. Repeat this until the last layer is unwrapped. The child holding the parcel will keep the party prize.

3) Statues

There is no limit to the number of players in this game, it costs nothing to execute and children can use their imagination in any way that they would like. Start the music and let the kids get relaxed and silly, when the music stops have the players freeze in whatever position they are in. The first person to move is out, repeat until only one person is left.

4) Obstacle Course

This active and free game requires a large room or backyard. Start with a clear space and then put some cushions, mats, pillows, bean bags, chairs, etc. in the middle to represent islands, forming an obstacle course. The children will proceed to go around the room from island to island, without falling into the “river or lava”. Whoever falls in the least amount of times is the winner.

5) Escape the Monster

In a giant space, line all the children up on one side. Have 2 adults or older kids pretend to be monsters in the middle of a forest. The object of the game is to run across without being caught, if someone gets caught they too become a monster. The last child standing is the winner.

6) Food Games

a) Eat the Jelly

This one is best left until the end of the party as it tends to get messy. Make individual bowls of jelly with a small plastic animal in each. With their hands tied behind their back, the children must get the animal out of the jelly using only their mouths. The first to produce the animal is the winner.

b) Food on a String

Thread a bunch of Hula Hoops, Cheerios or Mini Donuts on 2 long pieces of string. Divide the children into 2 groups and have adults hold the strings at the children’s height. With their hands behind their backs, they must eat all until the string is empty, and the first team to finish is the winner.

7) Guessing Games

a) Memory Game

Fire up imaginations and sharpen memory skills with some fun guessing games. Put several items on a tray (ie; comb, scissors, egg) roughly 20 are ideal. Give each child a pen and paper, have them look at the tray for a minute and then cover the tray with a towel. The children must write down what was on the tray, the one with the most right answers is the winner. To add variety take away one item at a time while the kids aren’t looking and then have them call out what is missing.

b) Feely Bag

Use a box or fabric bag or box and put a different item in each time (ie; a banana, cotton, wool, apple, shoelace, etc.) Have the children put their hand inside and guess what the item is without looking.

8) Dress up Dancing

Choose 5 types of clothing or props (make sure there are enough props for every child). Have the children dance around and when the music stops call out an item. Each child will grab one, put it on and keep dancing. Proceed until all the children are dressed up.

9) Craft Inspired Games

This is a cool trend that has many parents eliminating gift bags filled with cheap trinkets and instead offering a craft activity that they can take home later. This is a nice option for people who can’t afford gift bags or for those who would like their guests to be a bit more creative.

a) Candy Necklaces

Have an array of easily stringable items (ie; Fruit Loops, Lifesavers, Soother Rings, Mints etc). Use either hemp string or fishing line, tie a few knots at one end and have the children string on to their heart’s content. Simply tie the 2 ends together to complete the necklace. This is a simple and fun game sure to please and the best part is after the children get to eat their creations!

b) Blank Canvas Creation

Have your children create their own masterpieces with a painting activity. The dollar store is a great place to find cheap little canvasses as well as every color of paint you may need. Place small amounts of different colors of paints in little plastic lids, plates or cardboard, set them in front of the children and let their imaginations do the rest. Afterward, they will have a unique souvenir painting to take home!

c) Group Canvas Creation

Purchase a larger canvass and have the children do a group painting. Have one child start by painting a small amount, then passing to the child next to them. Repeat until every child has a turn and/or the painting is finished. What you are left with is a handmade present for the birthday person from all of their friends!

10) Charades

A good old-fashioned game of Charades is always a party favorite, especially when done with kids. Be ready for noise and laughter as this game lets the children be as silly or serious as they want to be. Choose a theme and stick with it for the entire game so that it’s easier for the children to guess. Announce the theme and start with the birthday person. Set a time limit to keep the game moving swiftly. The child with the most correct guesses is the winner!