We are an entertainment company based in Calgary Alberta that primarily serves Western Canada. We provide top quality entertainers and entertainment for cooperate functions, festivals, weddings and special events, specializing in Magic, Circus, Balloons and Variety Arts. We are willing to work with you and/or your team to design creative ways to incorporate live entertainers into your event with many different themes available.

We strive to be the top in our field, and are forever changing and improving our performance and services. If you’re looking for something very specific for an event, we are always willing to worth together to custom design a show or performance to perfectly fit your needs.

Our Office Staff

Tristan Court
Tristan CourtPresident and Entertainer
Meet Tristan Court, the visionary President of TriXtan Entertainment Inc. With a remarkable blend of business acumen and artistic flair, Tristan leads our team with passion and creativity. As an award-winning magician and versatile artist, he brings a unique perspective to our company, infusing every project with innovation and excellence. Under Tristan’s guidance, TriXtan Entertainment continues to redefine entertainment standards, delivering unforgettable experiences to our clients and audiences alike.
Brittany Bowler
Brittany BowlerProduction Assistant
Meet Brittany, the meticulous organizer and versatile performer behind the scenes at TriXtan Entertainment Inc. With her keen attention to detail and unwavering dedication, Brittany ensures that every production runs seamlessly. From meticulously managing costumes and props to coordinating event logistics, she plays a pivotal role in bringing our creative visions to life. As a skilled performer herself, Brittany brings an extra layer of artistry and passion to our team. With her at the helm, our events are not just organized—they’re polished, professional, and ready to dazzle audiences at every turn.
Can Apak
Can ApakEntertainment Coordinator
Meet Can, the multitasking maestro behind the scenes at TriXtan Entertainment. As our Entertainment Coordinator, Can wears many hats, seamlessly juggling responsibilities in business development, operations, and event coordination. Whether he’s orchestrating backstage logistics or liaising with clients to ensure their vision comes to life, Can’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of his work. With his versatile skill set and unwavering dedication, Can is an indispensable asset to our team, ensuring that every production runs smoothly and every client’s expectations are exceeded.
MrunmayeeProduction Assistant
Mrunmayee, our exceptional Production Assistant, is a big help in our office organization. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for efficiency, she ensures smooth operations behind the scenes. From administrative tasks to event logistics, Mrunmayee’s dedication contributes to our organization’s success. Her passion for excellence and teamwork make her an invaluable member of the TriXtan Entertainment family.
Sabrina Bee
Sabrina BeeSocial Media Manager
Sabrina is our talented Social Media Marketer at TriXtan Entertainment Inc. She’s the creative mind behind our engaging social media presence, crafting captivating posts and managing our various platforms with finesse. From writing captivating blogs to crafting informative newsletters, Sabrina ensures that our online presence remains vibrant and dynamic. With her strategic approach and creative flair, she helps us connect with our audience in meaningful ways, driving engagement and fostering community.
MichelleFinance Department
Meet Michelle, the financial maestro at TriXtan Entertainment. With her keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication, Michelle oversees all financial operations, ensuring our financial health remains robust. Her expertise and meticulous approach ensure that every aspect of our finances is managed with precision and efficiency, allowing us to thrive in our endeavors. With Michelle at the helm of our finance department, we’re in capable hands.
Abra Cadabra Court
Abra Cadabra CourtThe Office Show Dog
Weighing in at 6 lbs 3 ounces is our championship Office Show Dog! Abra keeps our office full of smiles and is definitely exciting for the kids when we show up to events with her, with her agility training and showman personality!

Our extended team

At TriXtan Entertainment, our extensive network boasts over 300 dynamic entertainers, each excelling in their unique performance arts. From Roving Entertainers to Stage Performers and everything in between, our diverse team ensures there’s something to delight every guest.  We take pride in our ability to curate the perfect entertainment ensemble tailored to your event’s needs, recognizing that the right entertainment can transform an occasion into an unforgettable experience. With unwavering dedication to excellence, our committed team is here to ensure your event is nothing short of extraordinary. As your trusted one-stop shop for event entertainment and services, we’re ready to bring your vision to life.