Stilt walkers are larger than life, bold and exciting!

Look up, way up at these Stilt Walkers!!

You won’t want to miss this! Stilt walkers are great to have at big events to entertain large amounts of people all at once!  Being fantastic photo opportunities, these larger than life entertainers with their elaborate costumes will be something that people are sure to remember! With their interactive and engaging style, stilt walkers make a big splash with crowds young and old.  We have a very wide variety of costumes to match almost any event theme and style.

The Village Crew

Thanks for coming to our event, walking around on stilts was a great way for us to draw attention to the store and we love how you interact with people as they walk by.

Aileen Lamontagne, Monkey Mountain Toys & Games

They left our town with such a great memory, we really adore them! If I have anything to do with it, I will sure hire them again next year, what a great company you have!

James Miles, Death Race - Grande Cashe

Character Selection

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