We bring the Photo Booth to you!

Some events are just so packed that your guests don’t walk around to see what exciting entertainment you have for them or sometimes there just isn’t enough space, which is why we built a Photo Booth that we bring to you! Unleash the joy of candid photography with our Roving Photo Booth, where the fun comes to you. Unlike traditional setups, our roving booth is mobile, allowing it to roam freely throughout your event, capturing spontaneous moments and genuine smiles wherever they unfold. Our expert attendants navigate the venue, engaging with guests and encouraging them to strike poses, creating delightful memories on the go. The Roving Photo Booth is equipped with high-resolution cameras and instant printing capabilities, ensuring that every snapshot is a vibrant and sharp memory in the making. Whether it’s a bustling corporate event, a lively festival, or an intimate family gathering, our roving booth adds an element of surprise and excitement. With our Roving Photo Booth, we will roam around the party doing photo sessions with your guests which they instantly get to download to their phones and we can even offer onsite printing!

What Our Clients Say

Way better than last year. Very accommodating and a great selection of props. I actually had to personally shut it down and cut the line off!

Iain Kenny, MNP LLP - Investigative and Forensic Services

Thanks for coming to our event, you guys helped make it a hit!

Brian Ramcoomar, Scotia Bank

They left our town with such a great memory, we really adore them! If I have anything to do with it, I will sure hire them again next year, what a great company you have!

James Miles, Death Race - Grande Cashe

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