Bubble Show

The cleanest show you’ll ever see!

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of soap bubbles as they’re transformed into magical works of art right before your eyes! Our Bubble Show features a talented performer who uses a variety of techniques to create stunning visual effects with soap bubbles. Watch as bubbles dance, float, and even change color, forming intricate shapes and sculptures that will leave you spellbound. From giant bubbles that fill the stage to intricate bubble creations that seem to defy gravity, our Bubble Show is a truly unique and captivating experience that’s perfect for audiences of all ages.

Our performer will even place a child INSIDE a bubble!  After the show, our Bubble performer can open up the floor for all the kids to come up and have a chance to play with the bubble tools and create them for themselves with the Bubble Playshop!

Girl doing a bubble show

Bubble Show Photos