Balloon Decor as elegant as ice sculptures and as much fun as fireworks!

Enchant your guests with our Balloon Decor services, where creativity knows no bounds. Our skilled artisans craft breathtaking balloon arrangements, turning ordinary venues into extraordinary spaces. Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, corporate gala, or wedding celebration, our team customizes designs to match your theme, color scheme, and vision. From elegant balloon arches framing entrances to whimsical balloon centerpieces adorning tables, every creation reflects our commitment to excellence. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each balloon is perfectly placed, creating a visual spectacle that captivates all. With our Balloon Decor, your event ambiance becomes a canvas, allowing for limitless creative possibilities. Make your occasion unforgettable by adorning it with our stunning balloon arrangements.

Event Balloon Decor

Having the balloons line the entrance was a great way to let people know about our celebration, thank you for helping make our event a success!

Manager, Pottery Barn

Balloon Blog

We did a massive install at the Telus Spark for the Children’s Hospital Fundraiser, check it out here!

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Pinterest is jam-packed with great ideas, check out some of the ones we have pinned here!

Balloon Decor Designer

To help you visualize colour combinations, we have designed a simple Balloon Decor tool that will help you visualize what Balloon Arch, Columns, and Drops will look like here!

Balloon Arches

Balloon Clusters

Balloon Columns

Balloon Drops

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