The Uncanny Carnival

Buy one ticket get 10 shows!

“Gather all around for a circus extravaganza!  You will be completely bewildered with what you’re about to see, you’ll be wide-eyed with wonderment!  For only a nickel you can see sights that have never been seen before, the price of one ticket will get you 10 shows, yes, you heard that right ladies and gentlemen, 10 shows for the price of one!”

The Uncanny Carnival is based on the classic 10-in-One Carnival Sideshows from early the 1920s, the perfect circus show to immerse your guests in the environment of the old-timey carnival sideshow right from the Ringmaster Emcee of the show to the Decor.  The whole show contains a variety of circus performances from the Human Block Head to hand to hand Acrobatics and packed with comedy and high skill acts.

This show can be presented on stage or as an atmospheric entertainment show as your guests walk around your carnival themed event.  Circus Tents, Staging Decor, Lights and Sound is all included with this production, and additional decor such as carnival games can be added on.

We had the 10-in-One show as an atmospheric show at our First flip Stampede Breakfast to entertain the lineup as people were waiting for breakfast. Our guests had an amazing time, and lots of laughs, our event lasted 3 hours and they were able to loop the show for the new guests that were constantly arriving throughout the event, loved it!

Cindy Good, Tourism Calgary

Completely blown away, was packed with entertainment and laughs throughout the entire show. This really helped create the carnival atmosphere we were going for at our event. The characters, the decor, everything was beautiful and very well presented.

Barb Perry, Conocophillips

Thank you again for putting on an amazing show for our event last weekend! I hope you all are well rested by now. It was great to have you guys here and we’ll definitely be in touch again in the future!

Jennifer Tait, Auburn Bay Residents Association

Show Photos

Show Posters

These are some of the posters we are able to hang around your venue to theme the whole party, they are 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall.