Hollywood Balloon Columns

Picture this for a moment… There are so many people talking at once that the voices all meld together in a melody of inaudible chatter. From the moment the sole of your shoes kisses the pavement all eyes are on you. The Flash of cameras lights the dim evening sky as you emerge from your chariot and cascade down the red carpet.
Paparazzi begin slinging questions at you, and you can’t help but crack a smile. Their interest flatters you, you are the start of the show. You realize that this is your moment, bask in the light of your own glow.
Can you see it?
This is the experience that you can provide to guests at your red carpet event with the help of TriXtan Entertainment.
Red carpet themed events are incredibly popular for the sole reason that these types of events create a memorable atmosphere that is uniquely their own.
As guests enter, they are no longer attending an event, but rather they are made to feel as though they are the headline of it.

To truly create the Hollywood “glitz and glamor” effect, we must first set the mood, by creating the perfect decor.
We took the time to demonstrate a Hollywood themed balloon column, check it out.

This is only a small fraction of the incredible decor effect that balloon elements provide.

When guests enter they are no longer merely walking down the hallway; instead, they find themselves gracefully strolling down a red carpet. At the end of the carpet stands a gorgeous living statue adorned in red, her dress extending all the way down the hall you crossed and under your very feet.
To avoid guests being harassed by paparazzi, give them the opportunity to take the photos themselves in our photo booth. Custom designed borders for your event photos allow you to add your own personal touch.
Once your guests are settled, they will not have to lift a finger, as roving tables carry food and drink at your event.

The festivities will be larger than life in the eyes of your guests as they crane their necks to gaze up at stilt walkers adorned in black-tie fashion. Above them a balloon chandelier spans the roof, draping down overhead.
Hollywood events are the HOT new thing, which you are sure to understand if you invite fire spinners to heat things up.

You know what they say about Hollywood magic, the possibilities are endless, and the same goes for your event when you book with TriXtan Entertainment.
That’s a wrap.