Astonishing close-up sleight of hand magic

Unveil the extraordinary world of magic with our captivating Roving Magicians and Strolling Magicians, each adding their unique enchantment to your event. As they gracefully traverse the venue, our Roving Magicians create intimate, spellbinding moments for small groups of spectators, astounding with close-up magic that defies belief. Simultaneously, our Strolling Magicians seamlessly weave through the crowd, a trail of wonder in their wake. Their mesmerizing tricks and charming charisma captivate audiences, leaving them spellbound and eager for more. Imagine the collective gasps and laughter as these magical maestros perform feats that defy explanation, from pulling rabbits out of hats to making cards vanish into thin air. Their interactive performances ensure your event is brimming with amazement and delight, creating memories that linger long after the final act. Whether it’s a corporate gala, a wedding, or an intimate gathering, our Roving Magicians and Strolling Magicians infuse an air of enchantment that elevates your event to a realm of pure wonder. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your event into a magical masterpiece—book our Roving Magicians and Strolling Magicians today and prepare to be amazed!

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There’s just no physical way!

Mark Klessen, House Party Guest

In January of 2015, we brought in TriXtan Entertainment to provide entertainment and events services at our staff’s Xmas party. The quality and professionalism of everything he provided us with were the best I’ve ever seen and the roving magic was thrilling for our guests. Their team quickly adapted their comedy styles and interactions with our guests to fit the different crowds we had at our party. The whole experience working with Trixtan Entertainment was both easy and enjoyable!

Tyson Wong, Topmade Food Enterprises

TriXtan Entertainment provided a positive, unique, fun, and personal experience for the guests of our event. All the feedback from our guests was that they really enjoyed the entertainment provided. Having a magician sit down with one table at a time was a great way to break the ice and allow for networking and conversation afterward.

Jessica Seitz, Rocky Community Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Unbelievable! How are some of those things even possible?!

Jenny Sierra, Suncor Energy Guest

It is unbelievable the things this guy can do with a deck of cards just blew us away!

John Wilson, Cenovus Energy Guest

Tristan Court put on a fantastic show that was lively, interactive, and full of laughs! Great for all ages!

Kim Lewis, RSW, Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Tristan did a fantastic job at our corporate event. His mind-boggling tricks really got the room talking and broke the ice. He was very responsive and friendly! We would definitely hire him again!

Sasha Zeleznova, Tricon's Spring Mingle

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