The only limit is your imagination!

Bunnies, Frogs, Princess, and (essentially) anything else you can think of! We can create virtually everything, right before your eyes! A Balloon Artist is perfect for many different types of events, and they can facilitate decorations, station entertainment, host workshops, and much, much more! For more information, please check the list below.

Balloon artists

They left our town with such a great memory, we really adore them! If I have anything to do with it, I will sure hire them again next year, what a great company you have!

James Miles, Death Race - Grande Cashe

We have seen loads of balloon artists, but TriXtan tops them by far!

BP Manager, Boston Pizza

I first met this talented young man at Montana’s restaurant on 130th SE. He was going around the tables to do balloon animals for the kids… And he BLEW ME AWAY! He made a frog for my 2 year old and a helicopter for my 4 year old. Gone are the days of balloon dogs and flowers. Move over for alligators and Mickey Mouse balloons! This guy is THE BEST BALLOON ARTIST EVER! His name is TriXtan!

Christina Rowsell, Lite 95.9 talk show host

Thank you so much for a wonderful show! You made the kids so happy! Thank you for keeping them entertained and very much engaged with your magic tricks and balloon show. I liked how you did it in a very age-appropriate way… and at the same time it was fun for adults too! The parents/adults were so pleased and impressed!

Thank you for making my son’s birthday memorable for everyone.

Elke Rojo, Client

I have seen balloon animals done before, but never have I ever seen anything like TriXtan’s balloons! The endless amount of completely different things I’ve seen him do is unbelievable! I’ve seen him make Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Mario and Yoshi, numerous Disney and Looney Tunes Characters and when we tried to stump him with a Smurf, he came up with it on the spot!

Mark Wales, Birthday party dad

Your Face Painters and Balloon Twisters are by far the greatest, we have seen a lot but your team blows them all away, thank you so much for coming again this year!

Heather Davies, Multiple time Birthday Party client

We had the opportunity to be at Montana’s on what happened to be Family night, and TriXtan was there making balloon creations. They are so wonderful – words don’t even begin to explain or describe the expression on the children’s faces around the restaurant as he magically creates these masterpieces. We think he is a very talented individual!

Michelle Terretta, Restaurant Guest

I wanted to thank you and Sarah from the bottom of our hearts for the awesome time you spent at Kyle and Tayden’s birthday party. You both went the extra mile by spending more time than you needed too and bringing so many smiles to everyone’s faces. Absolutely no disappointment at all! You are both so talented and were just fantastic. You are highly recommended and word of mouth is a good thing!

Tracey Donohue, Birthday Party Client

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