Bubble Playshop

Interactive Soap Bubble Playshop!

Our Bubble Workshop lets kids be kids and have a blast making and popping all kinds of bubbles! Our Bubble Playshop Mistro will show the kids how to make and create different types of bubbles with all the fun and unique bubble tools like creating a cubed bubble, a bubble volcano with real smoke coming out of the top, and even place the kids inside of a giant 6-foot bubble!
A fun introduction into the fascinating world of soap bubbles! Several bubble stations are set up with a free-flow style of play. With several different types of games and demos, explore the different types of bubbles you can make yourself! Make little bubbles, big bubbles, bubbles with your hands, bubbles inside of bubbles, giant bubbles (requires a level of physical literacy appropriate for children 5+)  learn bubble tips and tricks! As much fun for parents as the kids!
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They managed to engage the children very well and when you can keep 17 kids quiet and interested you know you are doing well!

Mike Jackson, Birthday Party Client

Thank you so much for a wonderful show! You made the kids so happy! Thank you for keeping them entertained and very much engaged with your magic tricks and balloon show. I liked how you did it in a very age-appropriate way… and at the same time it was fun for adults too! The parents/adults were so pleased and impressed!

Elke Rojo, Client

The Bubble playshop was a great addition to our community event, the kids loved playing with the giant bubbles and I had fun too!

Sarah Mitchells, Your Content Goes Here

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