Planning a big event, or even a small birthday party, comes with a to-do list that always seems to keep growing.

Parties are a lot of work, so you might be tempted to skip corners to save yourself some time, money, and stress.

Here is a list of things that you might be tempted to dust under the rug, but your guests will thank you if you give these key elements a second thought.

Don’t skip the DJ

Hiring someone to handle the music for the big day might seem like an unnecessary expense. They certainly do not come cheap.

However, all too often I see hosts panicking at the last minute, throwing together a random playlist from their own personal music library.

This usually results in many guests moaning and groaning when that old song from high school comes on, or worse, someone else deciding to take the music into their own hands.

A DJ relieves you of hours of needless scrolling through Spotify’s most popular, so you can focus on the many other tasks on your to-do. With tried and true sets, they will have guests on their feet dancing the night away.


It’s not a party without snacks.

If you are planning a community or company event, break away from the traditional hotdogs and hamburgers, for something that will bring out the child-like wonder in your guests.

Imagine the excitement in your guest’s eyes as a sugary cloud of cotton candy melts as it touches their tongue.

Hear the laughter as parents and children alike decide which flavor of snowcone to try next!

Watch as guests follow their noses to the popcorn machine as the delicious smell of melted butter wafts through the air.

Just one of these taste bud tantalizing foods is enough to thrill your guests, imagine what all three would do!

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If your upcoming event is family-friendly then games for the kids is a MUST!

Yes, if it’s the summer, you could just toss them a soccer ball and say “go”.

They will kick it around a few times before returning to pull on the coattails of their parents, asking if it’s time to go yet.


They could arrive to see a professional entertainer ready to teach your children the ways of the circus!

Plate spinning, juggling, devil sticks, Diablo, AND MORE! It’s enough to keep them entertained for hours!

– Please note, that TriXtan Entertainment cannot be held responsible if the children decide to run away with the circus.


At TriXtan Entertainment, we specialize in entertainment services for all ages, for any type or theme of the event!

Character actors

Roving magicians

Roving Servers and Champaign tables

Balloon Twisters

Face Painters and Glitter Tattoo artists

The list goes on and on, but no matter what the event, an extraordinary entertainment aspect is critical to make your event unforgettable, and ensuring guests return year after year.

Entertainment .2 – entertainment that stands out!

As I mentioned above, some form of entertainment is SO important to make a lasting impression on your guests.

That is why we always recommend out of this world entertainment that will truly stand out from the crowd… or should I say stand ABOVE the crowd? I’m talking about Stilt Walkers!

Parents and children will gaze in wonder, as our entertainers towers above the crowd.

With costumes suitable to any theme of event you can imagine, a stilt walker brings a magical, and very photo friendly, element to every event!

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