Revolutionizing Event Entertainment

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Are you curious about the future of event entertainment? From the evolution of the events industry to the integration of virtual events, this article will explore the latest trends and predictions shaping the way we experience events. Discover how technology is enhancing event experiences, engagement strategies are evolving, and sustainability is becoming a key focus. [...]

Pros and Cons of a Petting Zoo at Your Event

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Are you considering having a petting zoo at your next event? While there are many benefits to having a petting zoo, such as teaching children compassion and courage towards animals, as well as providing an educational and sensory experience, there are also potential drawbacks to consider. From health and safety concerns to ethical considerations, it's [...]

Transform Your Event with Balloon Decor

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Are you looking to elevate the atmosphere of your next event? Balloon decor might just be the answer you're looking for. In this article, we will explore the importance of event decorations and delve into the benefits of using balloons for event decor. From enhancing the ambiance to being a cost-effective option, balloons offer versatility [...]

The Impact of Event Entertainment: How it Can Make or Break Your Event

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When planning an event, one crucial element that can make or break its success is event entertainment. The impact of entertainment goes beyond just providing enjoyment for guests. It sets the right ambiance, engages attendees effectively, reflects event values, and maintains high energy levels. Challenges in event entertainment can arise, such as choosing the right [...]

The Different Types of Clowns

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The Different Types of Clowns Did you know that there is more than one type of clown? The name clown gets thrown around a bunch in our everyday lives, but when people hear the word clown not many people could tell you the difference between Clowns, yet we see them all the time [...]

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Welcome to Hollywood!

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Hollywood Balloon Columns Picture this for a moment... There are so many people talking at once that the voices all meld together in a melody of inaudible chatter. From the moment the sole of your shoes kisses the pavement all eyes are on you. The Flash of cameras lights the dim evening sky as you [...]

Stop Motion Balloon Mario!

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Pixel Art - Stop Motion Balloon Mario About 6 months ago I started launching a new project called 'Pixel Art Balloon Walls', it started because I wanted to build artwork that was in line with something I had an interest in.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE entertaining as well as the challenge of building sculptress [...]

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Balloon Decor at the Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

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A few months ago we were contacted to help out with a fundraiser for the children's hospital. There are a few charities we like to help out each year and The Children's Hospital just so happens to be one of them. The scope of the job started out pretty normal, just a few arches and [...]

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