Station Entertainment

Little souvenirs for your guests!

For any type of family event, everyone loves some kind of Station Entertainment so that your guests will have something to go home with such as a Balloon, Face Paint, or a Memory!  We offer a wide variety of Station Entertainers and if you don’t see something listed here let us know and we can see what we can do to arrange it for your event!

Way better than last year. Very accommodating and a great selection of props. I actually had to personally shut it down and cut the line off!

Iain Kenny, MNP LLP - Investigative and Forensic Services

Thanks for coming to our event, you guys helped make it a hit!

Brian Ramcoomar, Scotia Bank

In January of 2015 we brought in TriXtan Entertainment to provide entertainment and events services at our staff’s Xmas party. The quality and professionalism of the photo booth was the best I’ve ever seen and the roving magic was thrilling for our guests. Their team easily adapted their comedy styles and interactions with our guests to fit the different crowds we had at our party. The whole experience working with Trixtan Entertainment, was both easy and extremely fun!

Tyson Wong, Topmade Food Enterprises

We have brought in a lot of other Photo Booth companies in the past for our events and I have to say TriXtan Entertainment provides the highest quality and most fun Photo Booth in the area. The booth is very professional looking, the props are high end, his turn around rate for the digital photos is right away, the personalization on the print frame is top notch and the staff that run the booth are entertainers themselves which makes the whole experience even more fun!

Eric Fairlie, Quicksilver Entertainment

They left our town with such a great memory, we really adore them! If I have anything to do with it, I will sure hire them again next year, what a great company you have!

James Miles, Death Race - Grande Cashe

Air Brush Artists

Bring your Event to life with our Air Brush Artists!

Air Brushing is a temporary tattoo art that is similar to face painting, but the application is with an airbrush instead of a paintbrush. With airbrushing, you can achieve unique, seamlessly designed artwork for your skin!
Air Brushing, Tattoo, paint
Balloon Twisters

Balloon Artists

The only limit is your imagination!

Bunnies, Frogs, Princess, and (essentially) anything else you can think of! We can create virtually everything, right before your eyes! A Balloon Artist is perfect for many different types of events, and they can facilitate decorations, station entertainment, host workshops, and much, much more! For more information, please check the list below.

Caricature Artists

A Caricature is a souvenir to last a lifetime!

Have you ever thought about what you would look like as one of those funky drawings you can get done at the Carnival? Look no further! At TriXtan Entertainment, our Caricature Artists will accentuate your beauty, while putting a playful spin on your features! Taking care and paying attention to every detail, every Caricature is unique and amazing! Not one for a solo portrait? Our talented Artists can draw you on your own, with your family, or in a group setting! Drawn in colour or in just black and grey, have it your way. Having a Caricature Artist at your event will give your guests a fun, unique, and completely custom gift to take home and treasure for years to come!
Caricature artist
Face Painting

Face Painters

Turn your face into a work of art!

Face painting brings joy to everyone and can be for all ages, even adults. If you are young at heart, then face painting is right for you. Our award-winning Face Painters can paint anything on you from a cat or lion to Spider-man or a princess. Scary, sweet, or a little bit of both, the choice is always yours. Anything can be done for you! The only limit that you have is your own imagination.

Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers to present what your future may hold!

Your guests get to sit down with a Fortune Teller or ‘Futurist’ that will present them with what their future could have in store for them, and they may leave inspired and able to move forward with a positive outlook.  They may discover something about themselves that will be able to grow from, or perhaps they will just enjoy the experience of getting their fortune told!  Either way, your guests will have a great time with our Fortune Tellers!
Futurist, fortune teller
Glitter Tattoo Artists

Glitter Tattoo Artists

Get covered in Glitter!

Glitter Tattoos are perfect for anyone who is young at heart, regardless of age! They can last days without fading or losing their sparkle but can be easily removed when you would like to with a simple baby wipe, some olive oil or an alcohol wipe.

Over 150 different tattoo designs to pick and choose from with a wide range of vibrant colors and combinations, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide what you’ll want to have done first! Safe, fast, and easy to wear, you can easily add a little sparkle to your cheek, ankle or anywhere in between with a Glitter Tattoo!

Henna and Jagua Artists

The classic temporary tattoos!

Henna artists apply a plant base paste with a very steady hand to stain the skin to make beautiful images on the skin. Whether the henna is being applied for a wedding or a fun tattoo, the artist uses the same technique and materials.
Henna, Art, Tattoos, event, flowers