360 Video Booth

Video Souvenir you can share with your friends!

What happens in the booth… Gets sent to your boss! 😱 or your family, friends, or really anyone you’d like, I suppose!  Our new 360 Video Booths, complete with our unique LED tents, will make for an incredible one-of-a-kind souvenir that can be shared on your social media.
Your guests have the opportunity to use our motion props such as pom-poms, streamers, and even a money gun to show off their sweet dance moves while our camera spins around recording them. Step into the future of photo booths with our cutting-edge 360 Video Booth. Gone are the days of static images; now, your memories come to life from every angle. This innovative booth captures dynamic and immersive videos that encapsulate the energy and excitement of your event. Guests can enjoy a whirlwind of creativity, as the camera spins around them, capturing their best moves, joyful laughter, and heartfelt moments.   Afterward, they will be left with an awesome slow-motion boomerang 360 video clip that they can instantly download to their phones and start sharing!

My bestie’s wedding had the 360 booth for the reception, and it was so much fun dressing up, dancing, and posing! I’d never seen a photo booth like it before. The staff were so friendly and professional, the whole set up and experience was on another level. I highly highly highly recommend this company!

Jessica Wiklendt, Wedding Client Guest

Wow, that is so cool, I’ve never seen anything like this at an event before!

Jessica Neil, IntelSum

The 360 video booth TriXtan provided our company with was a huge hit and our guests keep showing off their videos to everyone they meet!

Jennifer Sullivan, Northwest Indiana Fence

360 Video Booth