Glitter Tattoos are artwork that creates a smile!

Cover yourself head to toe in Glitter Tattoos!

Glitter Tattoos are perfect for anyone who is young at heart, regardless of age! They can last days without fading or losing their sparkle but can be easily removed when you would like to with a simple baby wipe, some olive oil or an alcohol wipe.

Over 150 different tattoo designs to pick and choose from with a wide range of vibrant colors and combinations, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide what you’ll want to have done first!

Safe, fast, and easy to wear, you can easily add a little sparkle to your cheek, ankle or anywhere in between with a Glitter Tattoo!

20 multi-colour/30 single color tattoos per hour
Perfect for any age
Lasts up to one week on skin
Over 100 different designs to choose from
 Safe and easily removable without irritation
The products we use are top quality and are of the highest standard with Health Canada

Corporate Events
Children Parties
Public Events
Trade Shows
Anywhere you want to add a little sparkle to your day!

Glitter Tattoos

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