Entertainment Services

Little souvenirs for your guests!

We have a lot of entertainment services for all types of events from Corporate parties to weddings and everything in between!  Below are the different main categories we have organized our services in, as there is a lot in each area, and can almost all be customized.  If you can’t find something, send us an email as we don’t have everything listed on our site yet or if you have a new idea, we might be able to bring it to life!

Way better than last year. Very accommodating and a great selection of props. I actually had to personally shut it down and cut the line off!

Iain Kenny, MNP LLP - Investigative and Forensic Services

Thanks for coming to our event, you guys helped make it a hit!

Brian Ramcoomar, Scotia Bank

In January of 2015 we brought in TriXtan Entertainment to provide entertainment and events services at our staff’s Xmas party. The quality and professionalism of the photo booth was the best I’ve ever seen and the roving magic was thrilling for our guests. Their team easily adapted their comedy styles and interactions with our guests to fit the different crowds we had at our party. The whole experience working with Trixtan Entertainment, was both easy and extremely fun!

Tyson Wong, Topmade Food Enterprises

We have brought in a lot of other Photo Booth companies in the past for our events and I have to say TriXtan Entertainment provides the highest quality and most fun Photo Booth in the area. The booth is very professional looking, the props are high end, his turn around rate for the digital photos is right away, the personalization on the print frame is top notch and the staff that run the booth are entertainers themselves which makes the whole experience even more fun!

Eric Fairlie, Quicksilver Entertainment

They left our town with such a great memory, we really adore them! If I have anything to do with it, I will sure hire them again next year, what a great company you have!

James Miles, Death Race - Grande Cashe

Station Entertainment

Little souvenirs for your guests!

For any type of family event, everyone loves some kind of Station Entertainment so that your guests will have something to go home with such as a Balloon, Face Paint, or a Memory!  We offer a wide variety of Station Entertainers and if you don’t see something listed here let us know and we can see what we can do to arrange it for your event!

Roving Entertainment

Mix and Mingle with our Roving Entertainers!

Roving Entertainers are the basis for all types of events, they are able to break the ice, add ambiance, and get your guests warmed up and ready for the party!

Great for atmospheric-style events where people are walking about your event while our rovers are interacting and entertaining to fully immerse your guests in the theme of your event!

Our Roving entertainers are booked on an hourly basis for as long as you would like the entertainment going for.

Stage Shows

Sit back and enjoy the show!

For mainstage entertainment look no further as these are some of our full-length shows that are available to book for live events!

We are also able to put together a custom show with some of our Podium Acts or if you’re interested in something specific, let us know as we don’t have everything listed on our site that we do yet but could arrange a wide variety of entertainment for your event.

It is possible to also customize the length of almost every show if you’re trying to fill a certain amount of time in your event.

Podium Acts

Podium performances to fit into any event!

Podium shows are essentially mini-stage shows, they could be performed on a sideshow stage (podium) or they could be integrated into larger performances to spice up a stage in between speeches!
Podium acts are a lot more versatile than a full-on stage show and can be done in multiple segments or could be used to create your own custom show.

Strolling Servers

Themed Strolling Servers with character!

Adding a Strolling Table or Champagne Dress to your event is a fun and unique way to serve food and drinks to your guests. Capable of gliding along smooth surfaces as if they are skating across an ice rink, strolling tables are quite a sight to be seen and a sight not soon forgotten. These characters can easily brighten up any event with vibrant colours while adding interesting and unique photo opportunities for all of your guests.

strolling servers title
Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Services

Capture the fun moments!

With our photo booth at your event, your guests can dress themselves up with all kinds of interesting items and props that goes with the theme of your event.  We print all of the photos right at your event with our lightning-fast printer so there is no waiting.  Guests also have the option of sending the photos right to their email or posting them to Facebook.  After the event is over, you get a digital copy of every photo taken to share with your guests for a digital back up.

Event Services

A little extra for your event!

We have a few extra event services that we can provide for your event, below are just a few of them.  If you don’t see something on our site, doesn’t mean don’t have it, there are a lot of projects we have done that we just haven’t had a chance to upload and we can also create new things, so just tell us your idea and we can try to make it happen!


Skills that will last a lifetime!

Workshop stations at your event will be able to give your guests skills that they can take with them to pass on and show off to others!  We have a variety of workshops (some not listed yet) that we offer for all types of events!