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What happens if I have more or less guests then originally stated?

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If you have more guests then originally planned for, then we can always upgrade your package to accommodate the additional people at your party or increase the length of time needed to perform the service. If you have fewer guests then originally planned for, then we can downsize the package you booked. However, if this [...]

There’s a character I’m looking for, but it’s not on your website, can you build it?

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Yes, we have a huge range of Stilt Walkers, Living Statues, Strolling Tables, Impersonators, Princesses and Super Heros, and we are getting new characters all the time. That being said, there are still some we haven't photographed or had a chance to upload to our site. However, if we don't have the character you're looking [...]

How much space do I need for the entertainers?

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Different entertainment services require different amounts of space. When booking any of our stage shows, we will send you a Tech Rider for that show. The Tech Rider will explain the staging requirements needed for that particular show. It will also explain other requirements needed to put the show on and let you know what [...]

How early will the Entertainers arrive?

By |2018-03-20T19:00:13+00:00March 20th, 2018||

Each service will be arriving at different times, prior to their start time. For services that are very minimal to set up, such as Roving Magic, Balloon Twisting, Face Painting and Caricature Artists, will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their start time. Some services that need to have more preparation needed prior to [...]

Do you need a green room?

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Yes and No. For some of our services, we don’t need a green room, for example, if we only have a single entertainer performing balloon twisting for 2 hours, this wouldn’t require a green room. However, for certain services, such as Stilt Walkers, Living Statue, Roving Tables, Characters and Stage Shows, we will always need [...]

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