What happens if I have more or less guests then originally stated?

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If you have more guests then originally planned for, then we can always upgrade your package to accommodate the additional people at your party or increase the length of time needed to perform the service. If you have fewer guests then originally planned for, then we can downsize the package you booked. However, if this [...]

How do I pay?

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We take payment in the form of Cheque and e-transfers. We can also take payments with major credit cards and PayPal, however, there is a 3.2% transaction fee that will be added on to the transaction. E-transfers is definitely the easiest way to pay for our services!

Do I need to pay a deposit?

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Yes, to confirm the booking we will need to receive a 50% deposit if the services are over $750 and over a month away. If the entertainment service is within a month away or under $750, we will need to take payment in full.

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