Will Stilt Walkers be too tall for my venue?

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Rarely! We have Stilt Walked in hundreds of venues around western Canada, most ceilings in public buildings are at least 10′ tall, and the height of our stilt walkers are 9′ tall (unless they are wearing a hat!). However, should you have a venue that has a shorter ceiling, we can adjust our stilt height [...]

There’s a character I’m looking for, but it’s not on your website, can you build it?

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Yes, we have a huge range of Stilt Walkers, Living Statues, Strolling Tables, Impersonators, Princesses and Super Heros, and we are getting new characters all the time. That being said, there are still some we haven't photographed or had a chance to upload to our site. However, if we don't have the character you're looking [...]

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