Magical mishap and turned themselves into Stilt Walkers!

  • Blue Wizard on Stilts
  • Red Wizard on Stilts

These two only just received their letters from Hogwarts and I don’t think they have gotten the memo about not using magic off school grounds. Something tells me they said LeviOOOOsa, not LeviosAAAA… ooops.

Grab your Butterbeer and step into the magical world of our Wizard Stilt Walkers, inspired by the enchanting world of Harry Potter. These towering stilt characters will mesmerize your guests with their spellbinding performances and whimsical charm. Our highly skilled performers bring the world of wizardry to life with their intricate costumes, awe-inspiring Stilt Walking, and interactive magic tricks. Perfect for themed events, conventions, and parties, our Wizard Stilt Walkers will add a touch of magic to any occasion. Book them today and let the magic begin

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