You need a big invisible box for these Stilt Walking Mimes!

  • Male Stilt Walking Mime
  • Female Mime Stilt Walker

Silent but not forgotten, our Stilt Walking Mimes will add a touch of whimsy and charm to your event. Dressed in classic black and white, our talented performers will enchant your guests with their graceful movements, mime performances, and interactive entertainment. With years of experience, our Stilt Walking Mimes will entertain and captivate audiences of all ages, bringing smiles and laughter to your guests. Our performers are skilled at interactive performances, engaging in photo opportunities, and providing playful interactions with your guests. Whether you’re looking for a solo Mime or a group of Stilt Walking Mimes, we have the perfect performers for you. So why wait? Book our Stilt Walking Mimes today and let the magic begin!

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Our Mimes are also available as Floor Characters