Merry Christmas from the Stilt Walking Elves!

  • Elf - Male
  • Elf - Female

Get ready to add a touch of holiday magic to your event with the tallest Elf Stilt Walkers you’ll ever see! Dressed in vibrant and colorful costumes, our skilled performers will bring joy and cheer to your guests as they tower above the crowd on towering stilts. With their jolly personalities and fun-loving spirit, our Elf Stilt Walkers will engage your guests with interactive activities, including festive games and photo opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an Elf Juggler, a Toy Maker, or a Gift Wrapper, our performers will create a festive and enchanting atmosphere that will delight audiences of all ages. With years of experience entertaining crowds, our Elf Stilt Walkers will spread holiday cheer and make your event unforgettable. So why wait? Book our Elf Stilt Walkers today and make your event a magical and memorable experience!

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Up on stilts, so tall and grand,

Our Elven friends traverse the land.

With grace and poise, they spread good cheer,

Spreading magic far and near.

Their costumes bright, their smiles so wide,

They fill our hearts with joy and pride.

With every step, they light the way,

And make our spirits bright and gay.

So if you seek a special treat,

With Elven magic at your feet,

Look no further, for you will find

Our Stilt Walking Elves so kind.

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