Grab some doubloons and Stilt Walk to the Mardi Gras Carnival!

  • Male Mardi Gras
  • Female Mardi Gras on Stilts

Bring the magic of Mardi Gras to your event with our talented and vibrant Stilt Walkers! Our skilled performers will tower above the crowd, dazzling guests with their colorful costumes, and high-energy dance moves. With years of experience entertaining audiences of all ages, our Stilt Walkers will create an unforgettable experience that’s perfect for any occasion. From parades and festivals to corporate events and private parties, our performers will add a touch of New Orleans flair to your celebration. So why wait? Book our Mardi Gras Stilt Walkers today and let the good times roll!

Want to see them at eye level? We have lots of Mardi Gras options with Mardi Gras-themed Showgirls, Jesters, and even living statue characters to fit the theme!

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