A fun way to serve food at your event!

Themed Strolling Servers with character!

Adding a Strolling Table or Champagne Dress to your event is a fun and unique way to serve food and drinks to your guests. Capable of gliding along smooth surfaces as if they are skating across an ice rink, strolling tables are quite a sight to be seen and a sight not soon forgotten. These characters can easily brighten up any event with vibrant colours while adding interesting and unique photo opportunities for all of your guests.

Info on Strolling Tables

Great for all ages
Designed to fit any theme
Perfect photo opportunities for your guests
We can serve any type of food or drinks your kitchen prepares for your guests
We are able to custom design characters to match your event or you can pick from our existing Strolling Servers
Our Champagne Servers all have their proserve


Green room for artists to change
 Minimum of 4.5 feet of space for the tables and dresses to stroll around the event
Food and drinks need to be provided by the staff or caterers and assist to load up tables or dresses

Corporate Events
Public Events
Trade Shows
Art Galleries
Anywhere you want to add an artistic touch with the food you serve!

Strolling Tables

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Aerial Champagne Servers

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