A: This usually blends into the last question, but ways to maintain your balloons and keep them lasting long are, keep them out of sunlight, UV rays will tear them apart really fast (Which is a reason to keep balloon twisters in shaded areas at festivals, plus they will appreciate it!).  Keep them dust free, if you drop them, the static on the balloons will attract dust to the balloon and if that dust is rubbed on the balloon say by just holding it in your hand, it can rip through the balloon.  Dangerous areas such as grass blades, gravel, sand, wood, and trees, best not play with them outside.  The worst is children’s sticky fingers, so many times kids come up to me and just say “It popped all by itself!” I look at the balloon and I can see sauce from the beef ribs they were just eating dripping down the side of the balloon… Overall, your best bet is to keep them inside locked away in a sealed off cabinet where light can’t even get in. This will beg the question of Schrödinger’s Balloon, where it’s in a state of popped and not popped until you decide to observe it.