LED ‘High Light’ Robot and the Tall LED Queen Stilt Walkers

  • LED Stilt Walker
  • Queen LED Stilt Walker

Here is one of the newest ‘High Lights’ of our Stilt Walking roster, it’s our LED Robot!

Towering high above the crowd, this stilt walker is sure to draw attention with its flashing and color-changing lights. A truly electrifying performance.

We also have a beautiful LED Princess available who will definitely ‘light up’ the night!

More Photos

Add our New Cryo Cannon!

We can now add in a special effects Cryo Cannon to our characters and is a great addition to amp up your DJ party with our LED robots!  check out this video for a little teaser that shows off our Cryo Cannon!

Other LED Characters

We have loads of other LED characters for your events, such as some of our floor-level characters that can also be used as our Strolling Servers with the Champagne Dress, Canape Tables, and more!