Don’t fear, the Living Statue Plumber is here!

Living Statue Plumber

No problem is too big for this Living Statue Plumber!

However, don’t expect him to do much work, he doesn’t really move if you’re looking…  So best call a real plumber if you are in need of a quick fix!

Meet our Stone Plumber Living Statue, an iconic figure perfect for any event! Dressed in realistic plumbing attire, this living statue will make guests do a double-take with his strikingly lifelike appearance. Whether standing tall on a podium or blending in as part of the scenery, our Stone Plumber is the perfect conversation starter and a fantastic addition to any event. With his incredible attention to detail, this living statue is sure to amaze and entertain all who lay eyes on him. Book our Stone Plumber Living Statue for your event today and take your guests on an unforgettable journey!

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