Welcome to the Mardi Gras Living Statue Festival

Colorful, Mardi Gras, Living Statue

Grab your Doubloons and Head on down to the Mardi Gras Festival, where there are Living Statues, Stilt Walkers and all kinds of Carnival Showgirls!

Bring the vibrant energy and colorful celebration of Mardi Gras to your event with our Living Statue Mardi Gras characters. These stunning performers are decked out in elaborate, ornate costumes and masks, capturing the festive spirit of this iconic celebration. As living statues, they add a touch of elegance and mystery to your event, and can interact with your guests to create an unforgettable experience. Perfect for parades, festivals, and themed events, our Living Statue Mardi Gras characters are a unique and exciting addition to any celebration.

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