Shhh… I think that Hedge Man Living Statue is alive!

The Living Hedge Man

When a Hedge Man looks this good you might not realize it’s alive!

This Living Statue is one of a kind!… In this part of the world, as in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He enjoys eating fruit but don’t eat a salad in front of him as he a traumatizing experience once where someone was trying to eat his leaves right off his arm! You’ll find this Human Statue standing very still because he thinks most peoples sight are based on movement, but get close enough and you can expect to be hugged by the Living Hedge!

Place this Hedge Man at the entrance to your event, in a flowering plant pot, in the middle of a fountain or even next to existing hedges so your guests try to figure out which one is the actual Living Statue.  Great photo Opportunity for your guests so they can take a lasting memory of this unique entertainment that you don’t see every day.  A great addition to any Corporate Party, Wedding, Trade Show or Outdoor Event, especially if you want to add a green nature touch!

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