Galactic Living Statue

  • Galactic Man, Living Statue, Futuristic
  • Galactic blue girl

Time travelers, from the future!

Or at least what you think they would be if we were stuck in the 90’s.

Step into the future with our Galactic Living Statues! These stunning and futuristic living statues are the perfect addition to any sci-fi or space-themed event. Our talented performers bring these characters to life with their unique movements and intricate costumes, which are inspired by the latest technology and space-age designs. These Living Statues will take your guests on a journey to a galaxy far, far away. And for an extra touch of futuristic flair, some of our statues even hover around your event on our unique specially designed disks. Book our Galactic Living Statues today and add a touch of the cosmos to your event!

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