Block Parties

/Block Parties

Character Actors


Add a little fun and laughter with a touch of wonder! Looking to add just a touch of magic and wonder to your event? Look no further than the Roving Character Actors! Whether it's the Paparazzi to photograph your guests walking down the red carpet, a couple of Tacky Tourists to get a laugh with [...]

Prop Manipulators


Technical, highly skilled and exciting! Prop Manipulators can add that flourish to your event by performing mesmerizing skill acts for your guests to watch while dressed in themed attire to match your event. ★ Ball and club Juggling ★ Contact Juggling ★ Fans ★ Hula Hoop ★ Poi Spinning ★ Staff Spinning ★ Yo-yo [...]

Carnival Food


We are foodies Popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, oh my! We have a selection of carnival food perfect for any event. Young or old, we encourage everyone to indulge in the sweet things in life, and we will bring them to you. Popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, oh my! Carnival [...]

Photo Booth


Beautiful, fun and exciting Photo Booth photos! With our photo booth at your event, your guests can dress themselves up with all kinds of interesting items and props that goes with the theme of your event.  We print all of the photos right at your event with our lightning fast printer so there is [...]

Face Painter


A Face Painter can turn you into a work of Art! Face painting brings joy to everyone and can be for all ages, even adults. If you are young at heart then face painting is right for you. Our award wining Face Painters can paint anything on you from a cat or lion to [...]

Glitter Tattoos


Lasting Artwork that Creates a Smile! Glitter Tattoos are perfect for anyone who's young at heart, regardless of age! The tattoos can last days without fading or losing their sparkle but can be easily removed if and when you would like to with a simple baby wipe or alcohol wipe. Over 100 different tattoo [...]

Balloon Artist


The only limit is your imagination! Whatever you're in the mood for whether it’s a penguin, frog, or a turtle all the way up to things like Mario, Smurfs or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TriXtan can do it all and right before your eyes! Check out some of the many things Roving balloons [...]



A souvenir to last a life time! A caricature artist can accentuate your beauty or playfully illustrate your features in a fun and unique way! Taking special care and paying attention to every detail, every Caricature is unique but every single one is amazing! Have them draw you on your own of make it [...]

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